Monday, October 4, 2010

It's alive..... well sort of.

There you go , a rendering scene that displays a rotating church

What more could you possibly want?
I'm just joking, this is just a step that I need to take in order for me to progress.
I'm finishing up on the OBJ importer and I've already written quiet a bit of code for the render scene & the camera's. I've also written the shader ( which rendered the model you can see in the screenshot).
Don't worry, it won't end up looking like that, not by a long shot.

You know like in minecraft where you create your scafold for those big projects?
This is my scafolding, in order to create a tool. I must first define how the tool will work, and I'm almost done laying those foundations. ( Does that sentence make any sense? )

Anyhow , I am almost ready to get started on making this thing interactive and actually tool like.
I think that the coming updates will be a little bit more interesting.

Friday, October 1, 2010

From the C# to the HLSL

It seems that I was arrogant enough to underestimate DirectX. I forgot how intricate it all is and I didn't put any thought in  the use of shaders. Which I'm going to have to use in the tool.

Shaders are also often referred to as "Effects".

Though this might not sound important. It is the backbone of every 3D game you've ever played.
They make almost everything happen. Well they are involved in almost any visual "effect" you see in a 3D application.

I'm going to work on a shader that I can use to continue developing the tool, and I will explain what it does when it's finished.