Monday, September 20, 2010

Project #1: MineCraft Blueprints

Not the most original name I must confess but I get to use the excuse of it being a working title.

Anyway, I've been playing some Minecraft and I must say I'm impressed at what a single person can come up with.
You could say that it inspired me to do something usefull myself. So I'll be making a tool for minecraft.
You might want to play the game before coming up with questions, just for safety's sake.

Blueprints? MineCraft? What madness is this?

What will this tool do you ask?

This tool will hopefully allow people to make more intricate structures in minecraft than ever before.
To put it a little blunt and plain. It'll convert a 3D model ( like a .OBJ ) to it's equivalent in minecraft.
It'll convert a 3D model into a voxel model, and save that voxel model to your minecraft save game ( ultimately).

I'll be using C# and propably the XNA framework for this, since I need some practice with the good old C#. Besides the XNA framework is pretty robust, and I don't have to worry too much about device managers & buffers on the DirectX side.
I could write all that stuff myself. But I think that'll be for another project or another time.
I'm also going to start off by only allowing .obj files to be opened. Since I have the most experience with obj files.

MILESTONE #1:  The prototype
What can it do?
Load & display objects from obj files
Convert that model to a voxel model and display it

I'll be uploading working builds along with posts I make.  But I'll store the older ones and put them on a common online portal for easy acces.
I'll also be giving away my source code whenever I feel like it

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